Equestrian Centre

Situated on Pearl Valley is a fully equipped Equestrian Centre and also home to the REC Equestrian Academy which offers fulltime and part time SETA accredited skills programmes, as well livery, riding lessons and trail-rides for both residents and non-residents. REC stands for Riding, Ethology and Coaching.

It is managed by Rosemarie Bartlett who has her International Coaching Qualification & FEI Coaches Level 2 Certificate. Rosemarie is a long standing SA Master Equitation judge and was the former SA National Technical Equitation Committee Chairperson for three consecutive terms.

The skills programmes are designed for horse lovers and are aimed at providing a specialized education for those who wish to make a career working with horses.  The post-matric courses have grown out of a demand by young people for a facility where they can spend time learning about the care and keep of horses.  They are given the opportunity to develop their riding skills to the level they are capable of. The part time courses are popular with horse owners who wish to improve their knowledge of horse care and handling of the horse both mounted and dismounted.

The syllabus is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills to sit for CATHSSETA and AGRISETA endorsed assessments at REC, as well as external exams (EQASA).

REC Equestrian Academy is currently the only independently accredited SETA provider offering these skills programmes.


The Centre is perfect for those who enjoy horse riding and need a place to store everything from the saddle to the steed.

REC Academy
The Academy has been preparing candidates for external EQASA assessments since the year 2000. In 2014 REC registered with CATHSSETA and AGRISETA to train and assess registered skills programs. Most of the students who attend the course, do so because of a genuine love for horses and the prospect of being able to turn a dream into a reality. Students are able to establish a solid foundation in all fields of equestrian pursuit, and on attaining the skills program certificates – in Stable Groom Skills, Professional Groom Skills, Stable Master Skills, Professional Instructors Skills and Independent Equestrian Coach Skills – will be able to go on to specialise in Farriery, Equine Science, Mounted Police, Stud & Breeding, Teaching etc.

We prepare our students to British Horse Society Training Standards and are proud of our excellent pass rate. We attribute our success to our expert tuition, dedicated students, and 24-7 hands on practical experience in a professional working yard.

Students have access to all the standard equestrian equipment, various types of horses, the riding public, and a diversity of respectable personalities in the equestrian community.

Riding School
Our growing riding school is supported mainly by resident riders, but is open to anyone interested in riding lessons. We cater for both beginners and competitive riders, all ages and in all disciplines. Our riding school also exists as a integral part of the academy, as candidate teachers are very involved in the lessons as part of their practical experience and are able to log  hours that are a prerequisite at NQF 4 and NQF 5.

This also enables the riding school pupils to receive individual attention which is especially important for young riders, aged 4 to 7 years, as well as children with low muscle tone, ADHD or needing special attention whilst learning to ride.

Our yard supervisors and candidate teachers, hold current level one First Aid Certificates and our senior coaches have their International Coaches Qualification.

Contact Details

Rosemarie Bartlett
Founder & Director REC Equestrian Academy
T +27 72 247 2929
E equestcentre@hotmail.com

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